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Golf Carts Make Sense at the Beach!


Roscoe The Beach Red Rover/Custom Beach Rod

 Why rent our Golf Carts?  

 While the water is a scenic three minute walk from our beach house, getting there with beach chairs, coolers, shovels, children's pails, and shovels will take one minute from our front door.  With a long roof for protection from those hot sunny days, a golf cart is the perfect solution!  Additionally, vehicle parking is hard to come by but golf cart parking is plentiful.  But the best part? No sand in your car!   

Additionally, the golf cart is great for romantic rides on the beach, going to local restaurants and sight-seeing with the family!  We plan on having 2 golf carts for larger families and groups.  Kids love Roscoe!

Golf Cart Pricing:

We have made it affordable to rent our golf carts.  Our rates are significantly lower than companies who rent Golf Carts.  Here are some of the reasons you'd want to be driving our privately owned golf carts:

Lifted Electric carts with large tires, lights, blinkers, new brakes and newer carts with safety in mind make Roscoe a much better choice than the "standard" Golf Cart with tiny wheels that guarantee getting stuck in the sand!

No delivery and pick up fees. 

(Boscoe) Standard Cart: Six nights $390

(Roscoe) Customized Cart: Six Nights $480

Day Rate is $85 per day up to five days.