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places to eat

Coastal Restaurant (the Beach Club)

The Beach Club, just 2 miles east of our cottage on Fort Morgan Rd. is a wonderful place to eat dinner.   The world class sushi restaurant is in the "Coast" restaurant. The Beach Club has 3 eateries to choose from.  Sushi is the finest I've eaten anywhere, anytime.  The sushi chef is world class and will awe you with his creations.  Click below to see their website for more info.

 The "Coastal" is an all american gourmet restaurant with yet another world class chef.  Eating dinner overlooking the expansive Gulf of Mexico won't make you mad.

*Note: The Coast Restaurant is not always open in the winter so call ahead and check out their calendar.

At the Beach CLub, there is a great lunch restaurant for lighter fare, yet prepared for the most elegant with culinary discretion..  Kathy and I recommend the Beach club highly!

PS: The pricing will surprise you.  They are not overpriced!

Like Pizza? The Pines Pizzaria

Just 2 minutes from our cottage at THE PINES is some of the best pizza and priced so reasonably.  You can dine in or call ahead and order out!  Yum!  See Brandon.

Sassybass Amazin' Grill

Sassybass is a most popular local restaurant with a good array of  fresh 

fish dishes skillfully prepared and guaranteed to please you.  Don't miss their breakfast buffet. Rated very high!

The Diner/20 min from the cottage

The Diner is a special place to eat.  It is one of our favorites.  Steve (the owner) worked at Ruth Chris for many years and now cooks at his own restaurant.  He's an expert and everything is plentiful and home made.  One of our favorite haunts!

Acme Oyster House

This restaurant is one of the famous fish and oyster family restaurants in Gulf Shores.  Sensational oysters both raw and barbecued.  Highly recommended! 

Lambert's Restaurant (home of the thrown rolls)

You will not believe the portions, the abundance of food, the unending refills of anything you order, the incredible huge and home-made rolls they throw across the room.  Come hungry!  This is a "must go" event for lunch or dinner!

Tacky Jacks 2

Make a left on to Fort Morgan Road and travel a few miles to Fort Morgan Marina where Tacky Jacks sits.  Also a great bait shop and LONG pier to fish off of.  Great views and very romantic for dinner...Sit's directly on the Bay.